ODBO to XMLA Bridge

With the introduction of next generation multi-dimensional data sources from leading vendors like Hyperion, Microsoft, MIS AG, and SAP, ensuring your existing and familiar OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) applications – like Microsoft Excel – continue to work for you is a challenge.

Investing in new XML for Analysis (XMLA) compliant query and reporting tools for detailed and complete Business Intelligence is not always an option for every enterprise, and it doesn’t have to be with an OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) to XMLA bridge.

An ODBO to XMLA bridge, such as Simba Technologies’ SimbaO2X, allows you to connect your existing and familiar ODBO enabled applications to any XMLA provider and XMLA server. Your productivity and the quality of your business intelligence doesn’t suffer, and you protect your investment in your current applications. You save time and money.

With an ODBO to XMLA bridge, like SimbaO2X, your ODBO applications can work in a web services environment. As an ODBO to XMLA client-side driver, SimbaO2X utilizes the XMLA standard, which is supported by nearly all the leading multi-dimensional vendors. It supports major multi-dimensional standards like MDX, ODBO and XMLA, and it works in all of the latest Windows environments.

Simba Technologies’ SimbaO2X is easy to install, configure and use. Within a very short time, you can be up and running, accessing your XMLA data source with your ODBO enabled applications. SimbaO2X gives you the choice for ODBO access to your XMLA data for productive business intelligence.

To download an evaluation version of SimbaO2X, visit Simba Technologies.