Build an XMLA Provider

Many ISVs have chosen to simplify the process of adding XMLA support by using a standard toolkit such as Simba Technologies’ SimbaProvider SDK to build an XMLA Provider. SimbaProvider SDK allows companies to quickly add ODBO functionality to their products without having to learn the intricate details of COM, ODBO, and MDX. With this toolkit, ISVs are able to build an XMLA Provider or an ODBO Provider quickly and efficiently, so that their OLAP products support industry standard APIs and their customers are able to access the greatest selection of OLAP and Business Intelligence query and reporting tools on the market.

SimbaProvider SDK allows a multi-dimensional product to expose its data through a standard API, such as XMLA or ODBO, using the MDX language. It contains a robust MDX engine, and it is the leading solution for building an XMLA Provider or an ODBO Provider for ODBO and XMLA connectivity to multi-dimensional OLAP data sources.

With SimbaProvider SDK, you can build an XMLA Provider or an ODBO Provider that integrates your multi-dimensional server with the newest generation of analytical applications and development environments, such as Business Objects, Cognos, Microsoft Excel and Data Analyzer, ProClarity, ArcPlan, Temtec, ADOMD, ADOMD.NET, and many others.

SimbaProvider SDK provides you with the tools to build a functional ODBO or XMLA Provider in about one person-month, and a production quality Provider, ready to ship, within six to 12 months, depending on the complexity of your data source. When you license SimbaProvider SDK, you get the ability to develop both an XMLA Provider and an ODBO Provider using the same toolkit. You can develop your Provider on Windows NT/2000 and port to any Linux or Unix platform. You build one Provider and have the choice of two interfaces – ODBO and XMLA.

For more information or a free 30-day evaluation of SimbaProvider SDK, visit Simba Technologies.