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XML for Analysis (XMLA) is the most recent attempt at a standardized Application Programming Interface (API) in the Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Business Intelligence (BI) space. What differentiates XMLA from previous attempts at a standard is that it has already gained broad support with companies like Hyperion, Microsoft, SAP, and SAS supporting it. It is true that as of today, neither Oracle nor IBM have endorsed the standard, but with IBM’s DB OLAP being a rebranded version of Hyperion’s Essbase, which supports XML for Analysis, of all the major players in the OLAP space, only Oracle does not support XMLA.

XML for Analysis is jointly sponsored by Hyperion, Microsoft and SAS, and supported by the XMLA Advisory Council made up of over 25 leading software companies. This new standard is accelerating the adoption of Internet business intelligence software.

Madeleine Snater
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